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Application & Characteristic
Lithium battery powder mixer is mainly for premixing of lithium battery powder . It makes additives in hot mixing go on into lithium battery powder , exhausting rest air in hot mixing material ,with characteristics like uniformed mixing . It can meet lithium battery powder production process and equipment requirements ,and being a must for lithium battery factory . This mixer with stable quality , sturdy and durable characteristics ,easy operation ,compact structure ,is widely used in lithium battery industry .
Technical index of lithium battery powder mixer 
1、 All parts (include machine cover and outlet part ) contact material is coating treated ,stir coated with WC, inner part and outlet part with Teflon . .Each time before and after mixing ,metal impurities goes into mixer adds △Fe〈10ppb .
2、 Mixing in mixing silo is completed one time , according to apparent density ,measuring deviation is less than 0.01。
3、 Mixing noise in working conforms to standard : 1 meter from mixer ≤45dBA.
4、 Smooth discharging in silo , no stock material in mixing tank , tank inner part and discharging part .
5、 Main shaft is with special sealing way , according to characteristic of lithium battery powder.

Main Technical Parameter:

Model WL-300A WL-500A WL-800A
Total volume(L) 300 500 800
Effective volume(L) 225 375 600
Main shaft speed(rpm) 475/950 475/950 430/860
Heating method Self-friction/electric
Discharging method Pneumatic discharging/manual
Mixing time(min) 8-12 8-12 8-12
Motor power(KW) 55Kw/75Kw 75Kw/90Kw 110Kw/132Kw
Lateral blade motor powder(KW) 2.2Kw 2.2Kw 2.2Kw
Output (KG/H) 495 825 1325
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